There is a secret in the book “Alternate". Each page is folded over, outside white and inside black. On the outside white page of this book, there are 5 stories about 5 people’s normal happy life with their family or friends. However, every page has an inside dark page and you can only see it if you cut the page. Then you will know the true story behind it: the five people died when they were young and the story on the white page would never happen. “Alternate" shows a beautiful possibility for those who have lost the people they love. You can also choose to never cut the page and leave the truth hidden.

This book, “Alternate”, is a part of “End of Life” project by IDEO and was exhibited at California College of the Arts in April 2018.
Designer: Qi Zhou, Siyu Zhang
Class: Human Connection
Mentor: Catherine Herdlick
Date: 4 / 2018

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