Singer Chalili
Brand identity and merchandise design for Chalili, a famous Chinese indie singer who wants to have a representative and impressive identity to show up at the music live festival “2018 Bilibili World” in Shanghai.

The Mission

I worked closely with my client, Chalili, who is recognized for her variable voice which can navigate different styles of music. My mission was to build an impressive identity that represented her vigor and loveliness. I created a modern yet lively logo based on the first letter from her name, Cha(茶) as well as the symbolic lightning icon of Chalili.

Brand Strategy

As Chalili mainly targets a young demographic, I developed a playful identity with a powerful brand mark, multiple symbolic icons, and dynamic textures to complement the identity system.
To represent her changeable voice, I developed derivative logos using the same frame of the letter Cha(茶) for different usages. I combined different textures on the logo to achieve a dynamic and vivid impression. There is also a full version of this logo which includes all the three letters of Chalili (茶理理) for the sake of recognizability.

Merchandise design

An essential part of the process is to show the development of the identity being brought to life. I designed a series of exclusive merchandise for Chalili at the music live festival "Bilibili World 2018", including a cap, tattoo stickers, wristbands, a T-shirt, postcards, and key chains.

Date: 8 / 2018