Discord - Snapchat Ad Campaign 2021
Making 15 second user acquisition ad spots is usually a dry affair, but for this project I had the pleasure of pairing up with my amazing coworker Amo Zhou who designed the 2D layouts and style-frames for the videos, which I then brought into 3D art and 2D typographical animation.

Our marketing department wanted to emphasize the sheer scale of our community. Our copywriter Mark Donnelly came up with a script, and we were charged with making 3 videos that playfully riffed on the idea of a big global community without (hopefully) seemingly like a tech company that took itself too seriously.
 3 version of the 9x16 Snapchat ad put side-by-side for ease of viewing:

Scriptwriting — Mark Donnelly
Project Management + Music Choice — Miranda Hartman
Style Frame Design/Layout + 2D Art + Concepts — Amo Zhou
3D Art + 2D Motion Graphics + Concept (only for the goofy planet claymation) — Kevin Tang