Discord Camp Wumpus at PAX East 2022
Created merchandise, promotional visuals, and booth layout for Discord's presence at PAX East 2022, marking its first in-real-life event in years. We designed a fresh theme Camp Wumpus to present Discord as a place for people to relax and hang out with their friends during the pandemic. The artwork showcased many whimsical and quirky insects, including Wumpus in a moth costume, highlighting Discord as an inclusive and welcoming place for diverse individuals, regardless of their niche interests, can always find their communities and belongings.

*Wumpus is the official mascot of Discord. It has become an iconic symbol of the Discord brand and is featured in various Discord-related graphics, artwork, and merchandise.

The Camp Wumpus hoodie uses a logo made from Velcro, allowing the flexibility for individuals to customize with their preferred patches. This hoodie also includes 4 complimentary bug patches for customization.
Amo Zhou, Alina Buevich,  Fiona Kim Tran, Kevin Dam, Joyce Woo, Jackie Chen