Discord Camp Wumpus at PAX East 2022
Discord was set to make its appearance at PAX East 2022 in Boston, the largest gaming event in North America. This marked a significant return to in-person events after several years. Our mission was clear: to establish a positive and playful brand image and bring a compelling story to immerse our attendees.

Our responsibilities encompassed creating an engaging and joyful experience for PAX East attendees. This involved collaborating closely with our booth vendor to provide the necessary assets for our booth and designing merchandise for sale on-site. As a beloved community platform, our primary goal was to foster meaningful connections with our partners and dedicated Discord fans, ensuring they had an unforgettable and immersive experience at our booth.
Creative Solutions
We recognized that, following the pandemic, people are even more eager for a relaxed setting. Therefore, we decided on "Camp Wumpus" to present Discord as a place for people to relax and hang out with their friends. To bring this concept to life, our design featured giant bugs, a cozy campfire, fake grass, and a collection of camper-exclusive merch.

*Wumpus is the official mascot of Discord. It has become an iconic symbol of the Discord brand and is featured in various Discord-related graphics, artwork, and merchandise.
Brand Design
We went for a fun and quirky vibe with our Night Theme Camp Wumpus. It's got some funky bugs in a flat, playful art style, with geometric shapes, and a dark camp forest color scheme derived from our brand colors. This whole look adds an adventurous and mysterious feel to our booth, ensuring we stand out and draw more attendees at PAX East.
Social Media Assets
I led the social media creative assets design including promotional assets for Camp Wumpus Merch, Activites at Discord booth, and Discord's presentation.
Merch Design
The Camp Wumpus hoodie uses a logo made from Velcro, allowing the flexibility for individuals to customize with their preferred patches. This hoodie also includes 4 complimentary bug patches for customization.
Hero Art & Merch Collection
Alina Buevich (Project Lead)
Amo Zhou, Alina Buevich (Graphic Design, Secondary Illustration, Booth Design)
Fiona Kim Tran, Jackie Chen (Graphic Design)
Kevin Dam (Hero Illustration)
Discord Social Team (Video Filming and Editing)

Social Media Assets & Additional Merch
Amo Zhou (Project Lead, Graphic Design)
Joyce Woo (Graphic Design, Merch Design)