Discord at 2022 Tokyo Game Show
Discord's debut appearance at the Tokyo Game Show signifies our initial chance for in-person engagement with our Japanese fans. Our core objective is to bring joy and attract attendees through daily giveaways custom-tailored to the Japanese market. I collaborated with our talented illustrator, Kelsey, and copywriter, Beth, to design a unique zine and a set of collectible Janken cards.
We'd like to narrate the story of Wumpus, the Discord mascot, embarking on his inaugural journey to Tokyo. It all begins in his cozy little room as he carefully packs his belongings and gears into a suitcase.
Page 4-5
Wumpus arrives at the Tokyo Game Show, taking photos with cosplayers and gamers, enjoying video games while chatting with friends on Discord, and sharing the plushie merch he created.
Page 6-7
Wumpus also ventures to try local cuisine, and at times, locals mistake him for a pet due to his appearance. We show this story using a traditional Japanese comic.
Page 8-9
According to research data, we've discovered that characters play a significant role in appealing to the Japanese audience. Hence, on pages 8 and 9, we've incorporated a popular Japanese personality fortune-telling game. By answering questions related to gaming habits and Discord usage, you can find out which Discord character you are.
Page 10-11
On page 10, we've utilized Amidakuji (Ghost Leg Lottery) to determine which Discord character will send you a love letter.

For the final page (page 11), I envisioned Wumpus sending a postcard from Japan to his friends. The postcard follows the traditional Japanese postcard format and promotes Discord Nitro as well as the collectible Janken cards available for free at our booth.
Collectible Janken Cards
To encourage TGS attendees to visit our booth daily, we've created a set of Janken (Rock-Paper-Scissors) Trading Cards. Each day, you can collect a unique design, and once you've gathered all four, you can play it with your friends.

*Janken (じゃん拳, janken) is the Japanese equivalent of Rock Paper Scissors
Kelsey Borch, Amo Zhou (Illustration)
Kevin Dam and Justin Middendorp (Additional Illustration Support on Page 4&5)​​​​​​​
Amo Zhou (Graphic Design)
Beth Roeser (Creative Copy & Story)