In the Corners of the World
Postcards Collection
Redum (Illustrator, Client); Amo (Graphic & Package Design)
Serenity, 2019 Calender
Alichia (Illustrator, Client); Amo (Graphic Design)
Scenery Within Hearts, My Hero Academia Fan Art Book
零届0rz (Illustrator, Client); Amo (Graphic Design)
Onmyoji Official Postcards Collection
Postcards and package design for NetEase's Game "Onmyoji" crossover with Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Amo (Graphic & Package Design)
NetEase (Client, illustration)
On the Reverse of the Water, Jazz Album Design
Imagine you are submerged in water, floating on the boundary between air and water. Under your feet is the dazzling infinite abyss.

Amo (Graphic & Package Design)
the Bsus Quintet (Client, Photos)