Google Posters

Joined Google Brand Studio first Fellowship project and designed posters for varied Google projects.
Design is [Play] Poster Design
This RISO printed poster is swag for a speech “Design is [Play]” by the speaker, Erin Jang. Design Is [...] is a speaker series that brings respected innovators to Google for a public monthly talk to engage in a discussion on the future of design and creativity.
There is a lot of positive feedback on the poster from the guests. The image on the right was from Erin Jang, the speaker, sharing the poster on her Instagram.
Specimen Design for typeface Block Sans

Block Sans is a playful typeface designed for Google CS First using the idea of building blocks. I was responsible to explore some playful specimens for the font. I played with the idea of building blocks and made this specimen poster. You can cut the poster and fold it into a real box. I also included some fun quotes from Google Brand Studio and designed them into stickers.
They are both selected as the banner image for Google Design Weekly Newsletter on Back to School (Sep. 10, 2019) and Tactile Objects (Oct. 22, 2019).