Internship at Adobe
I interned at Adobe in Summer 2018 on the Adobe Research team. My responsibility as a graphic designer and illustrator was to visually illustrate written stories about Adobe Research for communications using graphics, illustrations, and photos. Our audience is primarily the research community, including potential recruits. I was also in charge of translating the technology breakthroughs in research and the people behind them for an audience outside of Adobe Research. I made the science story more fun and interesting using abstract and active graphic design.

I also created new infographics and interface design for Adobe Research internal and external websites. I cooperated with an editor and a team of software engineers to design a prettier and clearer "About Adobe Research" page, which encouraged the Adobe Research team to promote their work and attract new recruits from industry and academia.

With Deep Learning, Computers See Images More Like Humans Do
Walk Through a VR Universe in One Small Room
Banish Broken Links in Emails with Intelligent Analyzer
Version 1.0 for Banish Broken Links in Emailst

Client: Adobe
Date: 6 / 2018 - 8 / 2018

Other projects

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