Fun personal design projects and selected freelance work.
Imagine A Song: Great Tokyo Expo - 大東京萬博
Poster Design inspired by a song I love
Imagine A Song: The War In Afghanistan / His Magnum Opus
Imagine A Song: Ballad Of NGB - Stateless
One-Hour Type Workshop
A playful workshop I hosted with my friends Fiona Tran, Alina Buevich
Poster for A Monstera Propagation Workshop
Poster - ♫  A Song of A Poetry ♪
Galaxy CG - Campaign Brand Design
My Bad Cat Poster
A Book of Watermelon
A Book Of Books
Typeface Specimen for Caledonia
2020 Summer Easter Collection​​​​​​​ - Animated Poster Design for Berry.Q fashion
2018 The Year of A Seal Dog / Card & Poster Design, RISO Print
Redesign A Book - "All Black Cats are Not Alike”
2019 Year of The Pig / Chinese New Year Card Design, RISO Print
Risograph Poster - Red
明日へ, Logo Design
明日へ, Logo Design
平行四界Live Tour, Logo Design
平行四界Live Tour, Logo Design
同人音乐 / Dojin Music, Font Design
同人音乐 / Dojin Music, Font Design
Form Studio
A process-based image-making experimental project