Here are some miscellaneous things I love doing
Fun, playful, and dynamic work
Signage design for personal boundaries - The Zombie Tag, 2018
A Strawberry Short Cake / ストロベリーケーキ, 2018
A Card Game Design - A Million Little Things, 2018
Visual Form Experiment - A process-based image-making project, 2017
A Dynamic Poster translated from, 2017
Album Cover Art for two digital albums “Zen” & “AQUACOLOUR”
Typeface Specimen for Caledonia, 2016
2019 The Year of Pig / Chinese New Year Card Design, RISO Print, 2019
2018 The Year of Dog / Chinese New Year Card & Poster Design, RISO Print, 2018
Posters for Google Brand Studio Fellowship Share Out
平行四界Live Tour, Logo Design
同人音乐 / Dojin Music, Font Design
五维介质 MEDIUM5, Logo Design
明日へ, Logo Design
蝴蝶旅客, Logo Design
星海, Logo Design
Motion Graphic, Animated Typeface, 2017
The Unsaid Stories, Thesis Design, 2019