RED - RISO Posters
RISO print workshop, the true color
When I was young, red is the color I hate the most. As I couldn’t buy clothes by myself, my parents always made the decision for me. Their favorite choice for children was red clothes, which represent vigor and fortune in China. However, red clothes were really outstanding and old-fashioned in those days. It was awakening to be asked if you are going to celebrate the new year by classmates in school. At that time, I decided to not buy red clothes anymore after I grow up.

Then I grew up and studied in the design field, I began to appreciate the beauty and diverse meanings of every different color. I began to care less about red clothes and understand my parents’ choices. Although they don’t understand fashion, they just want to give me what they think is best and it is their way to express their love. I really cherish and appreciate that now.
I designed a double-sided poster to tell my story of red. On the front side, I expressed my disgust at red using graffiti and quotes from my childhood. I (the only red circle) was the only person who could only choose red clothes while other people (the white/blank circles) can choose whatever color they want. In the background, I put my red down coats in a really messy way, representing my insensitivity and disrespect to my parent's decision.

On the other side, I show more respect and understanding of the red clothes through the neat placement of the red coat. The red on those circles faded means red wasn't the color I hate anymore. It is just one normal color. I would cherish those red clothes from my parents and accept their way of expressing love.