The Unsaid Stories
Graduation Thesis Project
Talking is a way to express our mental status. However, in some circumstances, people don’t always want to talk. What are the reasons behind those unsaid stories? Why is it acceptable to talk about some mental states but not others?

For my graduation thesis project at California College of the Arts, I designed a series of pins that represent unsaid statuses, like "Dysmenorrhea," to serve as a wearable tool for self-expression and communication. Inspired by jewelry design, these pins can be used as a message to oneself, indicating identification with an idea. The wearer can use the pin in various ways to express themselves.

Seeing the impact of my design on wearers was exciting and empowering, as people had varying responses and engaged in open debate and discussion on sensitive topics. While some wearers feel uneasy or unsafe with certain pins, others welcome the attention they attract. This controversy adds to the project's significance and reveals important insights.

Amo(Qi) Zhou (Graphic Design, Book Design, Exhibition Design)
Nino Panes (Photography)