Project 1. Numbers within Hearts
I designed a website, which could also be printed as a series of posters, about numbers representing different meanings within different cultures. Students with different cultural backgrounds have different understandings of numbers. The meanings of numbers could be totally different or even opposite in different countries. For example, “666” represents “evil” in the west but means “awesome” in China. “555” means “laughing” in Thailand but “crying” in China.
I used graphic design to visualize the meanings of numbers. I posted them on the campus of California College of the Arts to spark an interesting conversation between students with different backgrounds and explore the stories within different cultures.
Project 2. Dynamic Poster of
To explore how to visually tell the narrative of a website into another media. I turned “” into a dynamic poster. Reddit, which means “read it”, is a website where users can share, explore, and discuss their interests. After actually using and exploring this website, I summarized three features of Reddit: Chaos, Immersion, and Astronavigation. Based on these features, I designed a 360-degree panoramic poster.
The interface design of Reddit is naked and a little confusing to new users like me. It dumps an overwhelming amount of unsorted information all at the same time and it is hard to find what you want. I designed the poster on a 3d sphere to disorder the spatial relationship of data on Reddit to show the chaos.

Reddit consists of many subreddits. Various subreddits point people towards areas of the site that correspond to their interests. You can get abundant information and discuss your interests there. Also, you can customize the interface design of your subreddit, which gives users an immersive experience. To recreate this immersive experience, I created a 360-degree panoramic poster which can be watched in three-dimensional space.

Reddit is an inclusive universe. Subreddits are the planets and stars in this galaxy. Every user can freely explore this universe and subscribe to his/her favorite subreddit. I visualize the experience of astronavigation like being on a spaceship sailing through the vast blackness of space between the brilliant white points of light.
Class: Studio, Web to Print
Mentor: Jon Sueda
Date: 10 - 12 / 2017

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