Women@Youtube Summit
Identity design and art direction for Women@Youtube Summit 2019, Resilience, the annual employee conference, which focuses on celebrating and supporting women employees at YouTube.

Resilience means the ability to respond and recover from stress and difficulties. In order to reflect the new theme, mentored by Esther Ahn, Design Lead at YouTube, I produce a strong and lively identity that has expanded to posters, swags, motion, and wayfinding design.​​​​​​​

The logo serves as an abbreviation of Resilience, hiding the shape of the YouTube play icon in the negative space around the “R”. I used continuous flexible lines to build our logo which became the basis for our visual system.
Final Logo
Final Logo

We developed a brand that reveals the strength and beauty of women. An extended sans serif typeface, Adieu, was picked to represent the flexibility — which was applied across the logo, badges, swags, website, and way-finding. I also designed a post-it with "I'm resilient because ________." on the top. Guests can fill in their own answers and put them on the backdrop wall.
Esther Ahn (Manager)
Qi(Amo) Zhou, Michelle Wu (Graphic Design)
Gabby Shao (Motion Design)